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As you can see below, we have tested and reviewed dozens of stun guns. Before you read our reviews and the user reviews listed below, please get familiarized with how this page works below. The Top 10 stun guns listed below have our reviews, user reviews, product features and an overall conclusion of how we felt about that particular model of stun gun. So that you are aware our main concern when reviewing every one of the below products, we factored into our review the following criteria: Unit Voltage, Quality and cost effectiveness. We primarily focused on finding the highest voltage, highest quality stun guns first. Then once we had found our best contenders, we then ranked them on which models of stun guns were the absolute best bang for the buck. Please note, we could have reviewed the stun guns by cheapest to most expensive, but to us we felt that safety is more important than just saving a few dollars. Since a stun gun's primary goal is to protect you in any given moment when you need it most, we felt it was best to rank the stun guns with the criteria and the order that we did.

On this page, we recommend ALL of the top 10 stun guns listed here and we encourage you to check out the user reviews that have been submitted by consumers just like you. Starting from stun gun #11 and lower, we DO NOT recommend these as these units seemed to feel cheap and felt as if they were manufactured overseas. We do not have anything against foreign manufacturing in particular but if you are willing to trust your safety with a $10 stun gun instead of a $50+ model, then that is you're choice, we're just saying we don't recommend any of the models starting from #11 and lower. Now go on and view our reviews along with user submitted reviews. If you have first-hand experience with any of the stun guns listed on this page, we highly encourage you to leave a review of that particular brand/model!

shocktek defense tek-12 stun gun

ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 Flashlight Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $96.95
User Rating:

Product Features:

12+ Million Volts! EXTREMELY Bright Built-In LED Flashlight
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery - Dual Safety Switches
100% Money Back Guarantee - 90 Day Full Warranty

Our Conclusion of the ShockTEK TEK-12 Stun Gun -

The ShockTEK TEK-12 is by far the highest voltage stun gun we've ever tested. While most stun guns put out 0.002A or 0.003A, the TEK-12 puts out 0.004A of amperage. While high voltage matters, AMPS are even more important. All of the included components are made of high quality materials and the unit feels solid. The LED flashlight is suprisingly bright. The TEK-12 is an excellent stun gun and comes highly recommended by not only us, but many other vendors and customers alike! This product will not let you down.

shocktek defense tek-8 stun gun image

ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $64.95
User Rating:

Product Features:

8.5+ Million Volts! - Easy to Carry Mini Stun Gun - Safety Switches
Built in LED Flashlight & Built in Charger. Rechargeable Battery.
90 Day Full Warranty - 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our Conclusion of the ShockTEK TEK-8 Stun Gun -

The ShockTEK TEK-8 is the "best bang for the buck" stun gun you'll find. With such an extreme power output from something so small at such an affordable price, you will not find a better stun gun at this price range. The TEK-8 also features 0.004 amps of stopping power just like other ShockTEK stun guns. The TEK-8 is a high quality stun gun made with high quality materials at an affordable price.

guard dog security special ops flashlight stun gun

Guard Dog Security Special OPS 8 Million Volt Stun Gun Reviews

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $79.97
User Rating:

Product Features:

8 Million Volts - 9.5" Length - Type III Aluminum Alloy Body
380 Lumen Flashlight With 3 Functions - High - Low - Strobe
Rechargeable - Comes With Stainless Steel Belt Clip

Our Conclusion of the Guard Dog Security Special OPS Stun Gun -

This is a high quality stun gun at an affordable price. Even though the AMPS and voltage are lower than the ShockTEK products, this one still gets the job done. The flashlight is extremely bright and feels/looks like a high quality product. The only drawback for us was that it is pretty large at 9.5" long and it is quite heavy. This is very heavy and large stun gun.

#4th Best
zap enforcer flashlight stun gun

Zap Enforcer Flashlight Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $85.97
User Rating:

Product Features:

2 Million Volts - Flashlight has 3 Settings - Hi - Med - Low w/Strobe
Rechargeable - LED Screen Shows Battery Life & # of 1 Sec. Stuns
110 Lumen Flashlight Output - Weighs 1.9 LBS. - 14" Total Length

Our Conclusion of the ZAP Enforcer Flashlight Stun Gun -

The ZAP Enforcer is a VERY high quality product. The problems that we see with this product is the lack of overall power and flashlight brightness. Also, this is by far the LARGEST stun gun we've ever tested with a 14" overall length and weighing in at 1.9 LBS. The battery life indicator is a cool feature but it's not necessarily a must-have on a stun gun. If you want the largest and heaviest stun gun, this is for you.


#5th Best Taser C2 Taser/Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $335.98
User Rating:

Product Features:

Comes with Integrated Laser Sight
Lithium Power Magazine. 15' Cartridges - Training DVD
Also comes with practice target, user manual and registration card.

Our Conclusion of the Taser C2 Taser/Stun Gun -

The Taser C2 is a taser and NOT a stun gun. However, due to the fact that the Taser C2 can be purchased by the public without needing a special permit or training, is the reason we ranked it within our Top 5 Best stun gun reviews. This Taser is extremely powerful and reliable as all of Taser's products are. We would normally rank this as #1 Best on our site, but due to the high price, it's not the best bang for the buck. This Taser is not cheap, but if you're looking for a taser instead of a stun gun, this is what we recommend as the #1 Best Taser on the market.

#6th Best

Phazzer Enforcer Projectile Type Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $589.97
User Rating:

Product Features:

114,000+ Volts - Pulse Rate: 15 pulses/second.
Power Source: 2 x 3.6V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Green/Red LED Power Indicator - Pressure Firing Trigger.

Our Conclusion of the Phazzer Enforcer Projectile Type Stun Gun -

The Phazzer Enforcer is technically a taser similar to the Taser C2 since it shoots an electrically charged projectile at the target. We rate this taser as the #2 Best Taser on the market due to its powerful voltage/pulse combo. However, due to the high price and lack of quality compared to the Taser C2 is the reason that we ranked this below the Taser C2. If you're specifically looking for a taser, we recommend getting the Taser C2 instead.

#7th Best

Phazzer Dragon Projectile Type Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $321.97
User Rating:

Product Features:

150,000 Volts - Pulse Duration: 120 Microseconds
Power Source: 7.4v Lithium Ion Battery.
Integrated Laser (used for target acquisition)

Our Conclusion of the Phazzer Dragon Projectile Type Stun Gun -

The Phazzer Dragon Stun gun is technically a Taser just like the Phazzer Enforcer and Taser C2. We do not recommend this taser for the fact that the price should be lower. With the name/quality behind the Taser corporation, along with a similar price, we'd have to recommend the Taser C2 once again. This is not a bad stun gun and it did perform as expected, but for the slightly higher price of the Taser C2, we couldn't justify the savings of approximately ~$50. If you're specifically looking for a taser, we'd have to recommend the Taser C2 as the best taser for the price.

#8th Best

Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $47.64
User Rating:

Product Features:

4.5+ Million Volts
Built in LED Flashlight. Red Flashing Emergency Lights.
Alarm & Disable Pin Wrist Strap.

Our Conclusion of the Stun Master© Multi-Function Stun Gun -

The only reason that this stun gun made our Top 10 Best Stun Gun list is due to the quality/price. However, with less than half the voltage of the ShockTEK TEK-12, we wouldn't recommend buying this stun gun. If you're looking for a stun gun of this size with better features/quality then we'd have to recommend the ShockTEK Defense TEK-12 instead.

#9th Best

The Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $36.99
User Rating:

Product Features:

4.5+ Million Volts!
Built in LED Flashlight. Red Flashing Emergency Lights.
Alarm & Disable Pin Wrist Strap.

Our Conclusion of the The Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun -

The Runt is a well known mini stun gun that has been reliable for years, but its design/quality is starting to show its age. With the ShockTEK TEK-8 on the market we can't see why someone would possibly want to save $20 by purchasing The Runt stun gun instead of the TEK-8. If the TEK-8 wasn't on the market, we would recommend The Runt as the best mini stun gun. However, with the TEK-8's revolutionary quality/features and reliability, The Runt is basically worthless. If you're looking for a mini stun gun, don't waste your time, pick up a ShockTEK Defense TEK-8.


#10th Best

Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun Reviews and Ratings

Our Rating:
Est. Price - $99.97
User Rating:

Product Features:

Output: 3 Million Volts. Blinding LED Light w/momentary switch.
Self contained charging system(A/C adapter built in).
Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord / Disable Pin. 120db Siren Alarm.

Our Conclusion of the Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun -

The Phazzer Scorpion isn't a bad stun gun. With the high price and lack of power is why we rated it at #10. This stun gun has really cool features, but the price is way too high. This is an outdated stun gun that we cannot recommend due to the high price and lack of power that the Phazzer Scorpion Produces.

Stun Gun & Taser Test Results and Overall Conclusion

From the reviews above, you can easily see that we are in absolute love with the ShockTEK Defense products, and we are not the only ones in love with their stun guns. The reason we rated the ShockTEK Defense products so highly is for the simple fact that the quality is definitely there. We tested, tested and tested all the ShockTEK Defense stun guns and found, they simply cannot be beat. The ShockTEK Defense products are not simple, cheap stun guns, they are sturdy, have a solid feel and work every time when needed. We also like the fact that ShockTEK Defense also offers different warranty options and a 100% money back guarantee. Not only are their products great but we received the package in only 3 days, professionally packaged, tracking # included, and their customer service is amazing! Ok, enough with us talking about how happy we were with their products, let's discuss our experience with other stun gun companies.

We cannot speak as highly for other companies as we did about ShockTEK Defense. In fact, we had exceptional and outstanding service from only 2 other companies. The other companies we had a great experience with, was Taser© and Smart Stun( Smart stun was the company to sell us a few of their Phazzer© Line for our stun gun testing. With this being said we can only recommend the following companies out of the entire stun gun industry: ShockTEK Defense, & EVERY other company we purchased from, sold products manufactured overseas. Like we mentioned above, if you want to rely on a $10 stun gun, that is entirely up to you, for us, a few extra dollars in our pockets is simply not an option over our personal safety.

Our testing process on the stun gun models listed above was NOT taken lightly. We tested these products over and over constantly for several months. In fact, we wont point any fingers, nor will we call out any companies in particular, but we even had a woman's $1000+ purse catch on fire since the cheap stun gun she was keeping in her purse was a cheaply manufactured overseas unit. Let's just say she wasn't happy and this is while she was at a meeting, where the meeting had to stop since the fire alarms in the building were set off. Not only was this an embarrassing moment, but she lost a $1000+ purse in the process. Stun guns are no joke, they are a serious piece of equipment and should be treated as such. Here is a breakdown of what we recommend to all consumers looking for the best stuns:

ShockTEK Defense - We recommend EVERY product that they sell. This is a great company, great customer service, great return and warranty policies, and EXCEPTIONAL products. If you're looking for the highest quality at the best price, go with ShockTEK Defense. - What is there that could possibly be bad about the Taser© line of products? They are simply the biggest in the taser/stun gun industry. Not only that, but Taser© also supplies the majority of law enforcement agencies all around the world with their products, so you know you're getting the real deal. The only problem is that they only offer 1 Taser model that a normal person can use without being trained and licensed to carry their more extreme products that they offer. The ONLY reason that we recommend ShockTEK Defense over Taser© is for the simple fact of their low prices and exceptional products. With ShockTEK Defense's entire product line being less than $120 for any unit they sell, the quality for the price simply cannot be beat. - Smart Stun is a great company. We ONLY recommend them for the sale of their Phazzer© Line of products. The Phazzer products are great but have to recommend ShockTEK Defense or Taser© products over the EXTREMELY high cost of their stun guns / tasers. If Phazzer© would simply lower their prices, they would be MUCH more competitive with ShockTEK Defense and Taser©. Alot of other products sold on are cheap chinese manufactured products, and we DO NOT recommend purchasing these. However, for any of the Phazzer products, we highly recommend this company.

If you have used a stun gun listed above, please leave a detailed review about your experience. We love to hear from our users. This website is dedicated to increasing the overall knowledge about stun guns and personal safety devices. Thank you for viewing our site and we wish the best to you in your search of the best stun gun or taser.